Positive Classroom Behavior Sites:

URL: www.interventioncentral.org/index.shtml

Intervention Central offers free tools and resources to help school staff and parents to promote positive classroom behaviors and foster effective learning for all children and youth. Be sure to check out "Tools for Educators!"


URL: http://www.schoolbehavior.com/

SchoolBehavior will give you an overview of neurobehavioral conditions or disorders that impact academic and behavioral functioning in the classroom. For each disorder, you'll find a description and some strategies you may want to try as well as a number of free handouts that you can download.

URL: http://www.marvinmarshall.com/in-housedetails.html

Discipline without Stress, Punishments or Rewards is a website that talks about a book. It gives some key points, "Classroom Management vs. Discipline," "Three Principles to Practice, Raise the Responsibility System," and "Use the System to Increase Academic Performance" which could be applied to many situations.


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